Our commitment to the planet

Muriel's was founded with the purpose of creating timeless knits that are authentically Vermont with minimal carbon footprint. An important part of being true to our values is sourcing wool from local farmers (like our friend Dave Martin) who engage in regenerative agricultural practices.

Regenerative agriculture is a term used to describe farming and grazing practices that rebuild soil organic matter and restore biodiversity, which results in carbon sequestering and combats climate change.

We strive to sustainably source our other fibers as well. The cotton we use is a blend of pre-consumer recycled & certified organic cottons. We use hemp and TENCEL®️, which are eco-friendly, and all natural dyes. But we know it can't stop there - we also use natural botanicals in our finishing process, all of our packaging is post-consumer recycled paper, & 100% of Muriel's electricity use is offset by solar power production. Why? Because there is so much around us worth protecting.