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Our Story

Muriel, our mother & nana, was a 70's era ‘back to the land’-er who grew her own vegetables, tapped her own sugar maples, & bought meat & raw milk from the farmer down the road. She was also a hand-knitter who produced one-of-a-kind creations that we still use today.  

When we started our brand, we wanted to do things the way Muriel would have done them: locally, intentionally, & with love.

Small New England farmers produce beautiful fiber & protect valuable natural resources, regional businesses process fiber into yarn, & advanced manufacturing innovations make it possible for us to knit each garment in our basement. Literally.  

We do it to honor New England, Mother Earth, & of course, Muriel.

Our Process

Cyrus designs our styles on a computer software then programs his Shima Seiki wholegarment knitting machines, which knit entire garments in one piece. No linking or sewing is required; this reduces the labor required & virtually eliminates waste. We also reduce waste by knitting garments on demand so we don't have excess inventory. Yes, this is what slow fashion looks like.  

For a full demonstration of our process and discussion about the emerging slow fashion movement in the region, watch the recording of our guest appearance on Battenkill Fibers' 'Live from the Mill'.  

Our Team

What started as a family affair has grown as we work to keep up with requests from our lovely customers for more sweaters! The team includes Cyrus, Laura, Tia (our summer 2023 intern) & Meg, of Moonspinners.

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