The wool in our winter styles is from Vermont, where many sheep are raised for meat and dairy and the fleece is a by-product; when we pay a fair market rate for Vermont wool we give farmers another source of revenue. Which helps them stay on their land. And keeps Vermont Vermont.  It takes a little extra effort to naturally treat Vermont wool so that it is soft enough to wear, but we don't mind.

For styles that require a finer wool, we use a blend from the US Rocky Mountain region; fine-wool breeds prefer the arid west over cold, damp, Vermont.

Our local partners process our wool gently, so it retains its lanolin and weather-proofing. It also retains natural color and texture characteristics, making each piece unique.


We use hemp for our blends and summer styles. It is more durable and earth-friendly than cotton. And, it loves to grow in Vermont.    

The cultivation of hemp was banned in the US for so long (because it looks like pot), that no facilities exist to process hemp into fiber for clothes. Yet. They will come online soon enough though and for now we source our hemp from China and Europe (where they have always been able to tell the difference between it and cannabis).  

We also use Tencel, which is made from the wood pulp of trees grown on tree farms. When we use cotton it is organic or recycled cotton.

Garment Care 

Our knits are treated with natural botanicals - not harsh chemicals - and should be washed gently. Turn garments inside out and wash with cool water and mild soap; if washing in a machine, put the garment in a mesh bag and use the gentle cycle. We don't recommend machine washing dyed garments as that will fade the colors. Lay garments flat to dry.