Find us at these summer outdoor markets in Boston & around Vermont.

The wool in many of our styles is from hearty New England sheep, whose fibers are longer and more durable than fine wools...and make really cozy sweaters. Our finer wool styles are made using a blend from the Rocky Mountains. Sheep with finer wool prefer arid climates over cold, damp New England.

Our local partners process the wool gently, so it retains its lanolin and weather-proofing. It also retains natural color and texture characteristics, so each piece is entirely unique. We like to use the rich natural colors the sheep were born with; when we do have wool dyed, our regional dye houses use only organic plant-based dyes and never dump harmful chemicals into our waterways.

Our cotton is a blend of organic & recycled cotton; cotton scraps created during the production of tee shirts are recycled & blended with organic cotton to make new yarns.

We use hemp & linen for our blends & lighter summer styles.

We also use lyocell, which is made from the wood pulp of trees grown on tree farms.  

We occasionally use deadstock luxury yarns in our styles. Remanants that larger brands consider "waste" but that are perfect for our small runs.  

Garment Care

Muriel's knits are treated with natural botanicals - not harsh chemicals - and should be washed gently. Turn garments inside out and wash with cool water and mild soap; if washing in a machine, put the garment in a mesh bag and use the gentle cycle. We don't recommend machine washing dyed garments as this can fade the natural dyes. Lay garments flat to dry. Use a pilling comb when necessary.